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Stream of Transience


It all started with my partiality for vacant and decaying buildings, that are mesmerizing me since I have been a child. Places that are neither in any travel guide nor are ranked as an official sight if a town and where for ages no one has set a foot into. Places like this, that have served as adventure playgrounds when I was a kid, are now essential elements of my photo series. 


In places like this it seems as if time had stopped. No sound to be heard, no soul to be seen. My photo series started as an attempt to illustrate decay in an artistic way and thereby showing the power and endurance of nature. 


A godforsaken world, after being left behind by people, begins a life of its own and chances gradually. Wallpapers strip from the wall, colors increasingly bleach out, concrete begins to crumble and the floors mould abstract shapes due to moisture. Rust spreads …


Nature reasserts its rights and takes back piece by piece what we tried to take from it once... 


Everything, unfailingly everything is in the Stream of Transience.


The Series

Stream of Transience


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