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Stream of Transience

The Artist 

Volker Stenzel  



I was born 1988 in Hennigsdorf and currently living in a small town north of Berlin. 

My professional education in retail trade, that i successfully completed in 2008, does not imply to anybody that I am interested in photography. 


Since 2009 i spend every free minute auto-didactically mastering the art of capturing moments in a picture. Due to buying new equipment I gradually provide a basis for pursuing my passion.  Thus I am mastering new techniques and am constantly nurturing my photographers eye.

To also increase more and more the quality of my work, I switched quite early to analog large format photography, with which I work til today in different formats.


Since 2011 I am traveling to more distant corners of the world, in order to expand my photo series. My journeys led me up to now to countries like Italy, Great Britain, France, the Benelux states and the Balkans.



+49 176 729 394 51

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