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Stream of Transience


Fine Art Prints 


I chose to pursue the art of photography because it is something that I truly enjoy. I am proud of my abilities to produce strong images that are visually appealing, as well as technically polished. I hope you enjoy the fine art prints as much as I do. 

Thank you for your interest in my work. 




Limited Editions 


My images are shot exclusively with large format film. This means that I am able to print to sizes of 47“ x 59" without loss of quality. The film is scanned, then exposed onto photo paper with a Durst Lambda exposure system. Then it is developed using a traditional, photo-chemical process. The paper has an extremely broad color spectrum and is colour-fast for at least 75 years, so long as they are stored indoors, and are not often exposed to direct sunlight. 


Every photograph currently listed in my gallery is limited to no more than 8 prints. 

I reserve 2 images for my own collection, so a total of 6 prints will be available. 


For more information, like the current value of a given image, please contact me via email or telephone using the information provided on the contact page.

+49 176 729 394 51

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